Prior to joining VaynerMedia, I held senior leadership posts at both J. Walter Thompson and Publicis in each firm’s London office. In both positions, I steered development of brand strategies, agency partnerships, product teams, media, sales, and internal management.

Apart from my work across the marketing and media ecosystem, I co-founded and served as Managing Director at GirlsAdventureOUT, a women-focused outdoor adventure enterprise. A lifelong affinity for outdoor pursuits that led me to become a certified Outward Bound instructor.

It is my track record of hiring and nurturing exceptional talent and leading large-scale global teams that propelled the creation of my current position, one specifically tailored to my capabilities and experience. A native of New York City, I am overjoyed at finally returning to my city of origin.

At VaynerMedia, I oversee anything and everything that has to do with people, including but not limited to: talent management, employee experience & retention, learning & development, coaching, culture, internal communications and recruitment for over 750 employees.